Become a User

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There is a single technique to get inside your users’ requirements that isn’t used often enough: become a user. Are you writing a system for the help desk? Spend a couple of days monitoring the phones with an experienced support person. Are you automating a manual stock control system? Work in the warehouse for a week. As well as giving you insight into how the system will really be used, you’d be amazed at how the request May I sit in for a week while you do your job? helps build trust and establishes a basis for communication with your users.


The requirements mining process is also the time to start to build a rapport with your user base, learning their expectations and hopes for the system you are building.

From The Pragmatic Programmer, by Andy Hunt & David Thomas.

Although I have had few opportunities to practice such technique, I strongly believe invest some time with the actual user can be way better than spend lots of hours in verbose and boring meetings with managers.

Vinicius Gomes

Vinicius Gomes

Software Developer

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